Orthodontics is one of the many specialties of dentistry. It offers solutions for issues such as mispositioned jaws and teeth, misaligned teeth, etc.

This field of dentistry also includes prevention, diagnosis, and corrections as required based on a person’s dental condition. Because of this expertise, many have regained their confidence.

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Issues and Dental Orthodontics Treatments

The right orthodontic treatments can help with many common dental issues. Some are listed below.

·       Occlusal Problems

Overbite, crossbite, and underbite are some of the major reasons that can cause occlusion damage in the dental lining.

When this happens, the alignment of teeth and jaw structure becomes irregular and improper. The resulting factor will be difficulty in speech, irregular jaw shaping, or misalignment in the overall facial structure.

Orthodontic treatments can address this issue and correct the misalignments. These treatments can also restore the dental lining to its normal state.

·       Overcrowding

Overcrowding is when the teeth are placed or grown too close to one another without offering enough space for each other for proper development. This condition can lead to speech impairment, accidental harm to the tongue, etc.

Orthodontic treatment, such as dental braces, can solve this problem. They align each tooth to the proper space and help it grow properly with abundant space.

·       Tooth Grinding or Bruxism

Some people habitually clench or grind their teeth when awake or asleep. This condition can lead to jaw muscle spasms, headaches, tooth pain, and other problems.

The dentists suggest installing dental guards to avoid constant tooth clenching or grinding. They also recommend taking therapy for teeth clenching and grinding to get one’s mental health checked.

·       Spacing of Tooth

The opposite condition of overcrowding of teeth is undercrowding or tooth spacing. The condition is associated with an excess gap between two adjacent teeth. This condition is seen in children than in adults.

Dentists suggest the installation of braces to rectify the presence of excess gaps between teeth.

·       Chewing Problem

The misalignment of teeth causes poor chewing problems in many people. People suffering from this issue avoid chewing their food completely and prefer just swallowing it, which can then result in indigestion.

Metal braces can handle this issue of teeth misalignment.

·      Facial Asymmetry

As the name suggests, facial asymmetry is a condition in which the jawline develops irregularly on one side of the face.

This issue is also considered congenital asymmetry and can be treated based on the patient’s age and the severity of the condition.

Many dental issues are related and can be cured with proper treatments. Your dentist or the team of orthodontists will first diagnose the condition and come up with the best solution. Remember to consult them and follow everything that they suggest.